10 Common Mobile Phone Problems and Their Solutions

Innovation isn’t generally great, so you can encounter various issues that you can tackle without anyone else. PDAs may introduce blames a few times and we realize it tends to be an unpleasant circumstance. That is the reason we chose to make a main 20 of the most well-known cell phone issues and their answers, so you can tackle them without losing your head – and your cash .

Obviously, there are a few inconveniences that are a touch harder to tackle on the off chance that you are not an innovation master. On the off chance that you can’t do it without anyone else, we prescribe you to take your cell phone to an approved assistance expert, and ideally, they will help you. Along these lines, we welcome you to accompany us and find things that perhaps you didn’t think about in your PDA.

1. Slow Phone

This is something that everyone has encountered at any rate once. It is the most widely recognized cell phone issue and it very well may be related to old telephones. Notwithstanding, more current gadgets can introduce a similar issue. At the point when your Random-Access Memory (RAM) is loaded with applications and documents that you don’t utilize or require, your telephone will in general react gradually.

The Solution: Clean your wireless and close/erase applications, documents, and clear the store information. In the event that you as of late introduced an application and your telephone isn’t functioning admirably, you ought to uninstall it and check whether your cell phone runs quicker. In the event that this doesn’t help you, you can likewise give saving significant data a shot Google Drive, Dropbox, or simply on your PC. At that point, you can reestablish your wireless to manufacturing plant information.

2. Terrible Battery Life

Another normal issue that happens to everybody is the point at which your telephone never has battery enough despite the fact that you don’t utilize it constantly. There are various variables that can influence your battery life and you should consider them prior to losing your battery.

The Solution: First, you should attempt to diminish the screen splendor and mood killer the GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth on the off chance that you are not utilizing them. You can likewise empower the Battery Saving Mode and check whether your battery keeps going longer. Furthermore, you should check your Battery Usage in your telephone Settings and see which applications are utilizing more battery. You can close or impair the ones that are depleting more battery on the off chance that you typically needn’t bother with them.

3. Overheating Phone

This typical issue can be identified with the past one. An overheating telephone is at times identified with issues with your telephone battery. In any case, it can likewise be identified with your charger and furthermore with the spot you regularly have your telephone. In the event that you are encountering this, you ought to address it soon on the grounds that your battery and your telephone screen can be genuinely harmed.

Potential Solutions: You should attempt the past potential arrangements first to check whether this issue is straightforwardly identified with your battery issue. In the event that it continues to overheat, attempt to convey your telephone in a new spot and get it far from the sun’s warmth. You can likewise give your telephone a few minutes to “invigorate” and begin utilizing it once more.

4. Full Storage Space

Possibly you are the sort of individual that saves such a large number of photographs, tunes, records, and some different documents and in spite of the fact that you needn’t bother with them any longer, you don’t erase them. Some of the time those documents are old to such an extent that you fail to remember you have them put away on your mobile phone. Pointless applications likewise consume significant extra room that can be utilized for different issues.

The Solution: This fourth basic versatile issue can be identified with the main we previously referenced previously. At the point when you have occupied your extra room, your phone will in general react gradually. Thus, the potential answers for this issue are the equivalent: attempt to erase those documents and applications that you don’t utilize any longer, you can likewise erase old calls and instant messages and clean the store information. Attempt to move those documents you might want to keep with you on an online cloud or purchase a microSD card to save that significant data in a protected spot.

5. Application Crashes/Freezes

This issue happens a great deal and, in spite of the fact that it is something irritating, it isn’t so hard to tackle. In spite of the fact that it ought not be something typical, in all actuality applications once in a while present this issue and can be identified with bugs on the application or possibly your working framework isn’t the awesome the most current for those applications. There are applications that are continually adding new choices and improving a few subtleties for better execution, yet at times your telephone just can’t uphold the most recent form and that application begins smashing constantly.

The Solution: The main thing you should attempt is to restart your phone and begin utilizing the application once more. You can likewise go to the App Manager and stop the application, now and then cleaning the store information additionally works. In the event that it keeps doing likewise, attempt to uninstall the application and introduce it once more. As it was referenced previously, some of the time the application has a lot of bugs that cause this issue.

6. Telephone Freezes

This happens a ton, particularly in old telephones or gadgets with full extra room. What individuals generally do is to restart their telephones or turn them OFF and ON. At the point when this doesn’t work, we typically eliminate the telephone battery and everything returns to ordinary. Notwithstanding, some advanced telephones don’t have this alternative in light of the fact that their batteries can’t be taken out. Try not to stress, we will determine what to do and how to do it.

The Solution: Depending on your telephone, here are the means you should follow to restart it:

Apple (iOS8 or higher)

Snap Volume Upon

Snap Volume Down once

Hold the Power key for 15 seconds.

Apple (iOS7 or lower)

Press the Power key + Volume Down key simultaneously for 10 seconds or until the Apple logo shows up.


Press the Power key + Volume Down key simultaneously for 15 seconds or until the Samsung logo shows up.


Press the Power key + Volume Up simultaneously for 10 seconds

At the point when the telephone vibrates, press the force key like ordinary to turn ON the cell phone.


Press the Power key + Volume Up simultaneously for 15 seconds or until the Android logo shows up.

7. Applications Not Downloading

Clients grumble a ton about this issue that can be tackled with only a couple steps like the ones clarified in the fourth issue. This principally occurs because of degenerate reserve and it is quite simple to address it.

The Solution: Try cleaning the applications reserve and you can likewise clean the historical backdrop of Google Play and Google Play Services. Make sure to restart your PDA in the wake of doing that and attempt again to download the application you need

8. MicroSD card doesn’t work

At the point when your telephone is full however you would prefer not to lose your records and you are too occupied to even consider moving them to somewhere else, you likely consider that old microSD card you purchased not many years prior. However, here comes the issue: your gadget would not like to acknowledge that card.

The Solution: Your microSD likely has mistakes and your telephone isn’t perceiving that card. Attempt to associate a card peruser to your PC and configuration the microSD card in any event multiple times. Restart your cell phone and supplement the SD card once more.

9. Wet Cell Phone

Try not to feel awful in the event that you dropped your cell phone and now it is wet. This happens a great deal and more often than not it tends to be addressed.

The Solution: The principal this you ought NOT do is to turn ON your gadget. It tends to be only the most exceedingly terrible activity. Eliminate the battery and put the PDA in a bowl brimming with rice. It will assist with retaining the dampness. Presently, take it to an administration workshop and let them fix it.

10. Harmed Charging Port

Like everything throughout everyday life, nothing keeps going forever. What’s more, your telephone isn’t a special case. Charging ports will in general decay over the long haul. Abuse or soil can be a portion of the reasons for this disintegration. This normal tissue should be settled by a specialist. Nonetheless, you can attempt a few things to check whether it works once more.

The Solution: Before taking your cell phone to the auto shop, attempt to clean the accusing port of another and dry toothbrush. You can likewise clean it utilizing a dry q-tip to eliminate the residue and earth that doesn’t permit your charging port to work appropriately. On the off chance that this doesn’t work, if it’s not too much trouble take your telephone the mechanics shop. Obviously, these 10 issues are by all account not the only ones that cell phones have, yet they are the most widely recognized ones as indicated by Internet look. Be that as it may, we chose to add 10 more separated into 2 gatherings, for example, Android issues and iOS issues. Investigate these after regular issues.

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