This Electronic Mosquito Repellent Circuit is extremely simple and basic. This circuit has least segments repulse mosquito. Enormous number of things like creams,coils, oils and different things are accessible in the market to repulse mosquito.

At the Same time all these replant can turn into the reason for some illnesses like skin malignancy and so on. Creams and oils become the reason for skin infections, while mates and loops produces poisonous exhaust. Dangerous exhaust can prompt genuine breathing issue. Electronic Mosquito Repellent circuit is no damage for person since it produces recurrence that individual can not hear. Mosquito repellent circuit creates a recurrence from 20-38 KHz. These scope of recurrence bothers mosquito and they flees from your home.


Principle Behind Mosquito Repellent Circuit

Human ages can hear recurrence extend from 20Hz to 20 KHz. The recurrence over this isn’t hear capable by human age and this recurrence are called ultrasonic recurrence. Numerous creatures and creepy crawlies can hear these ultrasonic recurrence.

I need to clear that in mosquitoes ultra sound is created by the male mosquito and female gets that sound and subsequent to reproducing female mosquito principally maintain a strategic distance from this recurrence. This circuit delivers a similar recurrence as the male mosquito produces and these makes a weight on the female mosquito and they flee from these recurrence.

Segments Required

555 clock IC

A clay capacitor of 0.01 MF

A resistor of 1k

Piezo bell

10k variable resistor

A 9V battery

Transistor and ICs can be utilized to produces these recurrence. we need to associate such sort of signal with the circuit that can creates the ultra sound. We have utilized a 10k variable resistor to increment and diminishing the scope of recurrence.


Collect the circuit on a broadly useful PCB for better outcome.

The circuit can be fueled from 9 to 12 volts DC.

The bell can be any broadly useful piezo ringer.

The IC ought to be mounted on pcb or in holder.

change the recurrence at higher rate.

simple-mosquito-repellent-circuit using transistors