Squad car light flasher circuit chart

An extremely intriguing circuit the squad car light flasher.

The principle driver of the circuit is the 555 clock chips and squad car light flasher having the light streak on the other hand and simultaneously having vibrating streak.

The figure above you can see the schematic outline of a straightforward LED police flasher with two prevalent 555 incorporated circuits. Both 555 work as astable flip-flop, each with an alternate recurrence. Their yields are associated with hostile to parallel two gatherings of LED s. Underneath the vivified chart is additionally given to comprehend it with greater clearness.

Parts for the circuit

2 Piece of clock ic555

2 bit of 1m(1000k) resistor

1 bit of capacitor 2.2uf ( change capacitor to change the speed)

1 bit of pf capacitor 104

2 LEDs RED shading

2 LEDs blue shading

Circuit Diagram for IC 555 and 4017 IC


Segments List

1x – NE555 Bipolar Timer

1x – 4017 Decoded Decade

6x – 1N4148 Diode

1x – 1K Resistor (1/4W)

1x – 22K Resistor (1/4W)

2x – 4.7K Resistor (1/4W)

6x – 470 Resistor (1/4W)

1x – 2.2 F Electrolytic Capacitor (16V)

2x – LED (Blue)

2x – LED (Red)

2x – BC547 NPN Transistor

1x – 9V Voltage Battery