Dear Members,

Onecoin Organization:

We are appropriating the official announcement of the OneCoin association concerning the proceeded with media preparations with no distribution changes:

OneCoin expert declaration concerning disseminations in regards to revealed criminal social affair known with OneCoin advanced money

The OneCoin association may wish to officially explicit that the different current media presentations in regards to A revealed criminal social event, busy with prohibited minimization using the OneCoin computerized money, are false and are misleading people by and large.

The OneCoin association acknowledges that each one the higher than media cases are the delayed consequence of a conservative, deliberate campaign, craving to hurt our organization ignominy and pound our business.

Offer it a chance to be evident to the open that the association has ne’er been locked in with a hoodlum or criminal tasks in any country or space of exercises, joining into the Republic of Balkan nation.

The association and its accessories have for each situation decisively articulated their astuteness to arrange with controllers, body affiliations and media, and gives any data that might be helpful in clarifying any disorder or uncertainty, known with their business works out.

Onecoin Governs:

During this strategy, we’ve been unrealistically dazed that we tend to were ne’er moved ever closer legitimization, just as by any news supply far and wide, dedicated kind by media trying print media cleaned system, sensibility, and judgment. a degree that we tend to may all agree on is that media is prime to and should be the backbone of a sound well-enjoyed government.

Onecoin Digital Cash:

The technique that as of late we tend to are seeing entire the opposite, is incredibly irritating. we tend to are induced this is regularly A deliberate strike against the OneCoin association, its assistants and in this way the OneCoin advanced money, even as its Founder, Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

Onecoin Digital Currency:

What we tend to straight away watch could be a decided media storm, intending to hurt the shame of the association and its Founder, meaning to cover crucial characteristics of the OneCoin advanced cash, with the objective that it’s shown during an entire abrupt way contrasted with that fairly should be.

OneCoin lacking straightforwardness:

To get out all inquiries on OneCoin lacking straightforwardness, we would wish to point to the current is A joined computerized money, thus outfitting higher liquidity and less precariousness with an all-inclusive take vision and framework for stable headway, not in any way shape or form like entirely unexpected cryptographical assortments of money that open and permit possible theory from dealers.

Standards of Cryptocurrencies:

Digital forms of money are generally addressed, chiefly because of their lack of definition of trades and the nonattendance of purchaser particular evidence. This makes it workable for crooks to use cryptographical assortments of money for criminal tasks.


Clearly, such activities are unrealistic with OneCoin – cryptographical money that has strived to complete consistence frameworks hoping to recognize every customer (KYC – secure your customer), every business (KYB – catch your business), to prevent default (AML – against money Laundering, etc. every single one of those frameworks will balance the work of OneCoin for sketchy activities.

Advancing information fortifications:

In addition, it’s to boot basic to require a note of that the brought along model gives the first anomalous amount of dismissal from possible hardship attributable to the bug of the customer’s instrumentality, inescapable thefts or, for instance, inferable from the ability of advancing information fortifications.

These assurances were ne’er shown by the media moreover the} OneCoin computerized money wasn’t shown unbiasedly too.

Consistent assessment of Onecoin:

At this moment, due to the ceaseless assessment, the OneCoin association and its accessories are try huge money associated loses. From the working environments of our assistants was, moreover to various things, reallocated specific equipment that is rudimentary for their multi day undertakings and its setback won’t just incite money associated devilishness however may provoke liquidation.

This the truth is in like manner indistinct ANd makes North American nations simply acknowledge this is frequently something anyway an unusual chance occasion.

It is fundamental to clarify that fixated on the information we tend to got from our lawful guides, there’s up to this time an everlasting assessment, that in each evenhanded country suggests a precise a certain something – there’s ceaselessly made by lawful expert, noticeable of confirmation and impartially demonstrating a ground to shape charges either against an organization or against a trademark person.

Trustworthiness powers associations:

All through the request of our and our difference in honesty powers associations’ work environments on a weekday,, the agents enquired when the charges, the purpose for the chase and consequently the gatherings by experts. until this point in time, such data wasn’t given.

In completion we would wish to determine that the media consideration of the advancing assessment, done underneath way got conditions, growing short on a last part of the arrangement specialists is shocking the open as to the substances and confirmation accumulated, extra examining the judgment of the hovered data inside the Bulgarian press, that may be described as a dim PR with faulty destinations.

So on ensure the benefits of our representatives, clients, and assistants, the OneCoin association and its accessories can exhort media delegates and consequently the overall public of the improvements, known with this case.