This News is a Warning Towards Ovid.Ie The so-Referred to as Bycoi and its unfair Disordered and Dangerous Trading Practices.

Response of the business enterprise:

this news is a warning towards ovid.Ie the so-referred to as bycoi and its unfair disordered and dangerous trading practices aimed toward attracting oln imas. Dealshaker.Com is the only commercial hub and the handiest business platform for cryptocurrency and onelife.

All other structures consisting of ovid.Ie and newdealshaker.Com and all other cryptocurrencies together with bycoi aren’t oln companions and oln does not propose any other cryptocurrency or similar initiatives so they are taken into consideration competitive and battle of interest policies practice..

All communications from onelife and dealshaker may be despatched monday thru friday: 1. Monday press@onelife.European newsletter 2. Monday to friday inner conversation with all dealshaker franchisees and glg three.

Friday alternate replace updates despatched through ic companies any communique despatched on behalf of onelife and dealshaker through different emails is misleading. People related to ovid.Ie and bycoi aren’t supported through the agency and with the aid of oln imas. Folks wishing to work with them are punished with immediate impact.

This message is a warning towards ovid.Ie so referred to as ‘bycoi’ and their unfair disorderly and illegal trading practices aiming to draw oln ima-s. Dealshaker.Com is the simplest industrial hub and platform associated with one cryptocurrency and onelife.

Some other platforms along with ovid.Ie and newdealshaker.Com as well as some other cryptocurrencies search as bycoi are not oln partners and oln does not suggest every other cryptocurrencies or comparable projects for that reason treating them as aggressive and applying warfare of hobby guidelines.

The best respectable area of the dealshaker platform is www.Dealshaker.Com the only official channels of onelife and dealshaker are www.Onelife.Com www.Dealshaker.Com press@onelife.Eu and press@onecoin.Eu. All of the verbal exchange from onelife and deal shaker is despatched from monday to friday: 1. Monday newsletter from press@onelife.European 2nd monday to friday internal communique with all the deal shaker franchisees and glg 1/3 friday updates regarding the alternate sent through ic corporations any communication thru another emails on the behalf of onelife and dealshaker is deceptive.

Any individuals with ovid.Ie and bycoi are not supported through the agency and oln ima’s and any those who need to cooperate with them might be sanctioned with an instantaneous effect.