onecoin exchange update from headship
onecoin exchange update from headship

While ONE completed the final procedures to exchange the exchange with the central bank / CB, there was a very interesting question and needed the ONE ecosystem talents, and the keyboard master commented freely.

Up to September 20, 2019; who shares the analytics rating of the ONE ecosystem community, will donate 5 million VND and 200 ONEs to freely shop and experience at the 5-year anniversary Group at DaLat, September 26-29, 2019

Interesting question:

  • By the time the corporation for internal transfers of coins to each other widely, why need to Dealshaker again?

People can completely negotiate Proactive Transferring and Transferring Coin to each other, why need to go through Dealshaker?

So, there should be solutions & approval mechanism must be flexible, fast and easy.
It’s convenient for new merchants to join, and buying and selling on Dealshaker is a habit.

If people no longer need Dealshaker then what does the current effort mean?

Few explanations:

No. 1-

  • Dealshaker is ONE’s goods exchange platform. The rules when participating in Dealshaker help ensure goods are censored, have “arbitration” to ensure the success of the exchange.
  • Without Dealshaker people would have no place to trade. Communities will not find products, goods and services that can be conveniently located, they can only find spontaneous deals. Moreover, the correct exchange of agreements will not be guaranteed.

ONE is valuable when it is applicable, meaning that it needs to create a user ecosystem on an exchange platform, that is Dealshaker.

The value of ONE is judged by this availability and Dealshaker is the most important key that cannot be missed.

No. 2:

This morning, she was chatting with a long-time friend of OLN, but he also rarely monitored the situation of OneLife / OneCoin, only this last time when much information related to OneCoin’s listing went to him. New contact for information. I send all the weekly reports for him to read. The first question when he finished ordering coffee he asked:

  • How much is the OneCoin exchange? Mom (sorry, verbatim!) Is it just like those other crypto guys done and is it simpler?
  • Well, you are right, but on the floor like the other guys, he lost his grandmother because it was the members who participated in the discharge than the flash floods! But remember that you joined in with the original desire that this trend would solve your brother’s traditional business. It still goes in that direction, bro.

Further from January 10, 2020 with the new G20 Rules and Requirements after the June 2011 meeting in Osaka, all countries will need to adjust their laws to manage cryptocurrencies. And a bunch of guys just mentioned the criteria for 01 crypto to be approved, and yesterday the bad northern friend also came out with his crypto and was about to release. So considering the ongoing information aspects, the cryptocurrencies will be divided into two types: “GRAY Cryptocurrencies” and transparent Cryptocurrencies. If I participate in the gray category, I will be paid more attention, even blacklisted by some management organizations. And I remember that my grandfather loved transparency like in Western countries that I had time to study there! That is why this OneCoin tries to cooperate and find a common voice with the state management agencies to be legalized to the highest possible level. Although doing this is not easy at all! People only accept and share the market with him when they can’t resist the general trend anymore!

  • Oh right! Hopefully, OneCoin is a pioneer and success! Ah, does the e-commerce deal DealShaker when OneCoin go to the floor still play any role? When you read, transferring ONEs between accounts is unlimited!
  • Oh dear, this man! DealShaker is for business, where ONE operates as a currency. And the one he says moving from wallet to wallet around the globe is Dad’s Remittances ah! For example, when I went to Dubai to work as a housekeeper for A-rab boys, it paid him 1,500 USD, I wanted to move home to my mother, my bank / Western Union trimmers lost 40-50 USD then the This he transferred almost no charge! Or do you often go to international fairs, like something that can bring you over 5,000 dollars even though you want to buy that model for research and production! Good reason for refunding! So only the money transfer gateway helps you solve the problem! And here, Dad look back, is it in the circle of ecosystem of OneLife it has 2 different areas: DealShaker and Remittances ?! Well, now your company is a small company, and the goods are of good quality, so with the company with your own eyes, where do you get the marketing and advertising costs to push it to the market? compared to other big-eared, multinational guys? And a little boy c