Announcement About Onecoin Exchange

Regarding the 9-month business system we as of late educated you, the One-life group has arranged a helpful and simple manual on Coin-safe highlights.

It is significant that each of the ONE clients are very much educated about what is coming.

It would be ideal if you note that 2 months subsequent to exchanging on the trade, the Coin-safe component will never again be accessible to new clients.

Coin-safe was an alternative that was given by the Company to its clients quite a long while back.

Be that as it may, today, times are improving, and the organization’s procedure should likewise adjust.

For instance, it is the ideal opportunity for Coin-safe to stop tasks and resign all together not to hazard meddling with the fiscal shortage procedure.

Kindly remember that once the trade is operational, you will have two months to utilize the Coin-safe component.

Message from the Onecoin Co. :

About Coin-safe and how to take advantage of it.

Because of late demands from our clients for an invigorate of data on the most proficient method to get the best data on Coin-safe, our help specialists have arranged a brief guide.

Coin-safe is an item uniquely intended to allow clients to acquire enthusiasm on the equalization of their coins.

NB to clients. It would be ideal if you be educated: NO CORNER will ever be charged from your OneCoin record and saved into Coin-safe on the off chance that you have never made a Coin-safe record.

All highlights and highlights of Coin-safe apply ONLY AFTER the real production of a Coin-safe record.

Make or not make, that is the issue. What’s more, every client must answer it without anyone else and as indicated by his needs.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have any questions about how it functions or on the off chance that you need further clarification on the best way to set your Coin-safe record inclinations, we firmly encourage you to get in touch with us. we suggest that you initially counsel our client assistance experts.

The most well-known inquiries identified with Coin-safe are replied

Q: Do I have to make a Coin-safe record?

An: Each OLN part chooses whether to make a Coin-safe record. Having a Coin-protected as a client is definitely not a compulsory prerequisite – it’s up to you.

Q: If I would prefer not to place my ONE in Coin-safe, what would it be a good idea for me to do?

An: If you don’t need your coins to be saved in Coin-safe, you don’t need to do anything. Your coins will be sent to Coin-safe ONLY AFTER you have made one physically.

Q: When I go into my back-office and snap on Coin-safe, I see that there is a case called ‘Auto-sparing’ and it is constantly set apart with a tick. Does this imply my coins will be consequently spared in Coin-safe?

A: Parts can be spared if there is a functioning/existing Coin-safe as it were. The checkbox “Auto Backup”, which shows up on the Home screen of the Coin-safe window, is shown as default. The coachman or the unchecked will never impact him.

Q: When I go to My Accounts – > Coin-safe, there is a field to enter my exchange secret key – for what reason would it be a good idea for me to do that?

An: On the Home screen of the Coin-safe segment (My Accounts – > Coin-safe), there is a CREATE title.


In the event that a part needs to make another Coin-safe record, here’s the way it works:

As a matter of first importance, the client must pick the ideal time of intrigue, choose whether to enact or deactivate the programmed capacity and whether the record he is going to make ought to be Sharia-agreeable or not.

It is simply after the fruition of these means that the client is certain that he/she:

1/needs to store coins in Coin-safe;

2/the right time of intrigue is fixed;

3/Auto enlistment and Sharia consistence inclinations are additionally set effectively.

At long last, there is one final advance to affirm this choice. By entering the exchange secret key and tapping on the green ‘Send’ catch, the part announces that he/she needs to have a Coin-safe record and he/she might want to keep the coins kept there for the timeframe picked.

We trust you locate this manual valuable! On the off chance that you wish to know more, basically send an email to the accompanying location: s

Best respects,